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22 June 2019

London Canal Museum, London

The performance could be watched via the London Canal Museum Ice Well Webcam here

Vast Forward was a live interactive performance that embraced the reassuring, yet slippery and sometimes addictive, process of predicting a positive future.


Artists Sarah Cockings and Harriet Fleuriot celebrated how pop songs from across the ages have repeatedly offered a sense of hope and comfort to people at all life stages. From the depths of a two hundred-year-old ice well, two digital oracles delivered personal prophecies in the form of rephrased song lyrics. These floating avatars mimicked the artists’ facial features and speak their words via character animation technology and synthesised sound alteration.

Guests were invited to ask questions for the oracles that are central to Art Night’s theme of Hope, Love and The Future. These could be submitted on the night or in advance.

Vast Forward is a continuation of Sarah Cockings and Harriet Fleuriot’s first solo (duo) show Another Funny Turn.


Supported by Art Night
With thanks to in-kind venue support by London Canal Museum.

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